High-Speed Atomic Force Microscope

- Realize the true ‘in situ’ observation -

Atomic Force Microscope(AFM) is a powerful visualization tool. It's capable imaging real nano-scale structure in air and liquid.
But serious drawback to conventional AFM is slow scanning speed. So that the image is only still picture.

Our High-Speed AFM can observe real-time imaging as movie.

Even swaying samples in solution can be imaged clearly without blurring, since the image acquisition time is short enough.
It is unnecessary to anchor the sample tightly onto substrate, thus the adverse effect from sample preparation is minimized.

PS-NEX(Probe scan type) is evolved our High-Speed AFM SS-NEX additional features.

Observations of various samples can be realized while keeping the function of taking movies.
Simultaneous observation of fluorescence image and AFM image is also possible by integrating optical microscope.


Seven features

1. Mirror tilting system


  • High-speed laser tracking tilting mirror to synchronize with high-speed scanning cantilever

2. Compact and lightweight AFM head

  • Compact and lightweight design for easy sample setting
  • Downsize to one-tenth of conventional AFM head size


3. High-speed feedback control

  • Adopting our unique dynamic PID in addition to wide bandwith analog feedback
  • Achieved precize sample imaging without parachuting even in high-speed scanning

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4. Ultra-small cantilever

  • Ultra-small cantilever copes with both low spring constant and high resonance frequency
  • High-speed scanning with less damage to samples


Ultra small cantilever (Olympus)
Resonance Frequency: 1500 kHz (in air), 500 kHz (in liquid)
Spring Constant: 0.1 N / m
Length: 10 μm

5. Integrated with optical microscope

  • Nano-scale observation for fluorescence-labeled sites with fluorescence microscope
  • Competent with various inverted optical microscope(option)


6. Precise selection of an observation area

  • Stage-scan mode for coarse movement
  • Maximum scan range: 45 µm x 45 µm


7. Various size of samples

  • You can measure bigger size of samples than using conventional product
  • Sample can be observed on slide glass or petri dish
  • Various compatible substrates: Slide glass, cover glass, petri dish, semiconductor substrate(wafer) etc.


Standard specifications

Scan system Probe scan High speed scanning (AFM observation)
Stage scan Slow scanning (position adjustment)
High speed scanning (Probe scan) Maximum scan range X: 4 µm, Y: 4 µm, Z: 2 µm
Scan speed 150 ms / frame (6.7 frames / sec )
Stage scanning Maximum scan range X: 45 µm, Y: 45 µm
Scan speed 60 s / frame
Sample size 36 mm x 36 mm x 3 mm (Φ 50mm)
Sample stage movement range 20 mm x 20 mm
Observation environment In liquid
Probe sensing system Optical detection system by mirror tilting (optical lever system)
Observation mode AC mode (shape image, error image, phase image)
Laser 790 nm (Infrared)
Optical microscope Standard specified product
Rack, vibration isolation table Adapted to the installation environment
  • Note1: The scan range of the scanner is a typical value.

  • Note2: Scan speed is determined for each scanner under specific conditions, and it does not guarantee the scan speed at the maximum scan range.

  • Note3: Regarding the options, taking into account on the user needs, the required set up will be arranged by visiting any time.



Fluorescence microscope

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Total internal reflection fluorescence microscope

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Sample stage Please contact us for your requirements
  • Note: Regarding the options, taking into  account on the user needs, the required set up will be  arranged by visiting any time.